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5 Tips For Business Efficiency

To ensure that you're not missing out on opportunities to streamline your business, thus giving you more time to work on new developments, or even just some more free time!

Business efficiency - use the right software

Tip #1 - Make your business more efficient by PICKING THE RIGHT SOFTWARE!

Leveraging efficiency by using the right software and committing to implementing it properly will streamline your systems and processes. Thus, ultimately saving your business time, money and frustration.

Choosing the right (cloud-based) software means;

  • Clear visual communication and bringing information live to one place

  • Easy to access wherever you are, for all staff members, often supported by an app

  • Automate processes and integrate with other apps and platforms

  • Keep emails clear for customer queries and formal communication

  • Less filing and creating documents and spreadsheets

  • See the measurables, reportables and trackables.

Examples of some software platforms we love at Leafcutter Business Support are Canva, MailChimp, BoardPro, Docusign, Asana, Slack, Xero.

Tip #2 - Make your business more efficient by MANAGING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY!

Do you actually know where your time goes and on what part of the business?

We suggest you can;

  • Use digital calendars (we like Google Cal) to sync personal and work calendars, send invites, block out available time, share availability, prioritise tasks recurring and one-off, and link with other booking and software apps.

  • Use basic project and tasks management software like Trello or Asana to create, breakdown, and delegate projects and tasks into smaller tick-off-able chunks, and share with staff or contractors.

  • Outsource the timer-stealer tasks with our admin/bookkeeping team, or engage with our specialists in areas outside of your expertise to achieve high-performing business operations.

Tip #3 - Make your business more efficient by AUTOMATING EVERYTHING YOU CAN!

Keep doing what you do best in your business, and let your tools and apps do the work in the background - meaning faster response times, less gaps in your processes, more quality leads and sale closures, and more time for you.

Some examples of automation;

  • Email marketing and drip campaigns like MailChimp

  • Online booking and payments linked with Zoom and Stripe

  • Scheduling your social media using Canva and Facebook Meta

  • Repeating invoices, automatic invoice reminders using Xero

  • Onboarding and training using

We recommend you identify the repetitive tasks specific to your business, then do the research as to what’s available with utilising the free trials first.

Tip #4 - Make your business more efficient - KEEP YOUR ADMIN IN CHECK!

Admin especially financial is probably not your favourite task - but it is important to keep it in check weekly and monthly to improve profits, save overwhelm at the end of the financial year and helping you feel more in charge of decision-making and day-to-day operations, not to mention peace of mind!

Be more efficient in your business with regular admin processes like;

  • Diarising time at the start or end of the week to send invoices, do reconciliation and a weekly financial summary.

  • Use financial software to automate processes and keep expenses, invoicing and income data all in one place.

  • Create weekly and monthly summary reports of how your business is tracking and to help guide decision-making and forecasting. Which means you won't get blindsided at accountant meetings or end-of-year financials.

Need help with Xero or your financial admin, let us know and we can help you tidy up your processes or cover the nitty gritty!

Tip #5 - Make your business more efficient - OFFLOAD TASKS AND OUTSOURCE!

Knowing what tasks should be done in-house and what tasks can be outsourced is a critical component in running a successful business.

Outsourcing to industry specialists who are qualified in a particular area of expertise can help you save time and even make you money. It allows you to keep costs under control, increase efficiency, and focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy and are good at.

If you're worried about outsourcing due to extra costs, bear in mind that utilising an in-house team requires you to recruit, train and pay another team member specifically for that function.

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