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A List of National Funders

We have compiled a list of New Zealand national funders that non profit organisations from all sectors can consider applying to for funding. We have also included links directly to the websites for easy reference!

A list of national funders

We hope this resource helps in your quest to find funding.

  1. Department of Internal Affairs (DIA): Provides grants for community projects, social services, and cultural initiatives.

  2. Lottery Grants Board: Offers funding for community well-being, arts, culture, and sports projects.

  3. The Tindall Foundation: Supports charitable causes, including community development, education, and environment.

  4. Sustainable Development Goals Fund: Managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this fund supports projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  5. COGS (Community Organisation Grants Scheme): Provides grants to community organisations for local initiatives and projects.

  6. Community Trusts: Various community trusts like Auckland Communities Foundation, Wellington Community Trust, and Christchurch City Council Community Grants offer funding for community-focused projects.

  7. Gaming Trusts: Examples include Pub Charity, Trust Waikato, and Grassroots Trust, which provide funding for community-based projects.

  8. Sport New Zealand: Provides funds that enable organisations and groups to supply play, active recreation and sport opportunities in their communities.

  9. Māori Trusts: There are several trusts that support Māori initiatives, such as Te Puni Kōkiri and Māori Women's Development Inc.

  10. Ministry for the Environment: Provides funding for projects related to environmental conservation and sustainability.

  11. Ministry of Education: Offers grants for educational initiatives and projects.

  12. Ministry for Culture and Heritage: Supports projects related to arts, culture, heritage, and broadcasting.

  13. Ministry of Health: Provides funding for health-related projects and initiatives.

  14. Ministry of Social Development: Offers funding for projects focused on social well-being and community development.

  15. Ministry of Pacific Peoples: Supports initiatives that benefit Pacific communities in New Zealand.

  16. Ministry for Women: Provides funding for projects promoting gender equality and women's rights.

  17. Ministry of Youth Development: Offers funding for projects and programs aimed at supporting youth development.

  18. Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE): Offers grants for projects related to business innovation, research, and economic development.

  19. Creative New Zealand: Supports projects and initiatives in the arts and creative sectors.

Each funder will have specific eligibility criteria and application guidelines, so be sure to thoroughly review their websites and guidelines before applying for funding.


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