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Delegation to a Virtual Assistant Checklist: Streamlining Your Business Tasks

"Leafcutter Business Support is brilliant! So easy to work with. Fast and accurate. I highly recommend Leafcutter for an effective and effortless service." - Client Testimonial

It is no secret that delegating tasks to a virtual assistant empowers business owners to optimise their time, access specialised skills, and enhance overall business efficiency while enjoying cost savings and increased flexibility.



Virtual Assistant

We have created the below guide to help you in your decision making if a Virtual Assistant is the right fit for you. From Assessing Delegable Tasks, Prioritising Delegation, Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant, and Agency, to Monitoring and Adjusting, we have you covered.

Assessing Delegable Tasks

Our handy checklist for all our business support services, is here to revolutionise the way you work and bring clarity to your business goals. We share with you our secret sauce!

Prioritising Delegation

Identify Repetitive Tasks

  • Pinpoint tasks that are time-consuming but routine, such as email sorting or data entry.

Evaluate Your Expertise

  • Delegate tasks that are not your core competencies, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Time Sensitivity

  • Delegate tasks with tight deadlines to ensure prompt and efficient completion.

Consider Complexity

  • Assess the complexity of tasks; delegate those that can be easily explained and don't require your direct involvement.

Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant (and Agency)

Skill Match

  • Ensure the virtual assistant has the necessary skills for the tasks you plan to delegate.

Communication Style

  • Choose a virtual assistant with a communication style that aligns with your preferences.

Trial Period

  • Start with a small project or trial period to assess the virtual assistant's suitability for your business needs.

Cost vs. Value

  • Evaluate the cost of hiring a virtual assistant against the value it brings to your business in terms of time savings and productivity.

Establish Clear Guidelines

  • Provide detailed instructions and expectations for delegated tasks to avoid misunderstandings.

Regular Feedback

  • Maintain open communication and provide constructive feedback to enhance the working relationship.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Performance Evaluation

  • Regularly assess the virtual assistant's performance and adjust tasks accordingly.

Scale Gradually

  • As trust builds, consider delegating more critical tasks to your virtual assistant.

Explore Additional Services

By utilising this checklist, as a small business owner you can systematically identify tasks suitable for delegation to the team at Leafcutter Business Support to optimise productivity, and enhance overall business efficiency.

"Before working with Leafcutter I was incredibly frustrated trying to do all things in my business that I just didn't have the time or expertise to do. As a personal development and wellness coach working (online) internationally, there were so many areas of my business that needed professional attention, but were taking me away from my real passion..... working with my clients.
Through a recommendation, I employed the services of Claire at Leafcutter, and that one experience has now turned into 3 fantastic years of working with the whole team, for which I couldn't be more grateful. They have helped me develop and grow my business into what it is today, whilst dealing with the business tasks where I was out of my depth. If you’re looking for an incredible team of professionals who can help you kick butt, get stuff done and over deliver every single time...then this is your team :-)" - Client Testimonial


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