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Leafcutter: What's up with our name?

Coming up with a name for a business can be tough. In our case, it was because we had a lot of questions to discuss. Does the name represent who we are and what we do? Can we diversify and expand? Is it outside of the box but relatable?

Leafcutter Ant

After consultation with our team, we decided on Leafcutter Business Support. But why Leafcutter you may ask?

Hearing the story most people remember it. The Leafcutter ant carries 50 times its own weight and is one of the top 10 most powerful animals in the world.

Naming our business after the characteristics of the Leafcutter Ant, carries several reasons and symbolism. While Leafcutter Ants might not be commonly known as one of the "top 10 most powerful animals in the world," they exhibit certain characteristics that are inspiring in a business context. Here are a few reasons why we named our business "Leafcutter Business Support":

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration: Leafcutter Ants are known for their remarkable teamwork and collaboration within their colonies. They work together to cut and carry leaves to their nests, where the leaves are used to cultivate a fungus that serves as their primary food source. Similarly, Leafcutter Business Support prioritise teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration among contractors and clients.

  2. Efficiency and Productivity: Leafcutter Ants are incredibly efficient in their leaf-cutting and foraging activities. They have specialised roles within the colony that contribute to the overall productivity and success of the colony. By naming our business after these ants, we emphasise the value of efficiency, specialisation within our team, and productivity in our business operations.

  3. Dedication and Perseverance: Leafcutter Ants display a high level of dedication and perseverance. They can travel long distances and overcome obstacles to gather leaves for their colony's sustenance. At Leafcutter Business Support we are dedicated and determined to solve our clients problems, overcoming challenges and achieving success.

  4. Sustainable Practices: Leafcutter Ants engage in a sustainable relationship with their environment. They carefully manage their resources and ensure that their activities do not harm the overall ecosystem. Our agency is committed to making a positive impact on the community, environment, and the overall well-being of our clients and their businesses.

  5. Analogies with Business Tasks: The act of leaf-cutting and fungus farming by Leafcutter Ants can be seen as a metaphor for the way businesses manage various tasks, such as gathering and processing information, adapting to changes, and nurturing growth. Put simply Leafcutter Business Support team support our clients with diverse tasks and easily adapt to changing circumstances when required.

  6. Unique Identity: Naming our business after an unexpected or lesser-known animal has helped to create a memorable and distinct brand identity. This uniqueness sets our business apart from others in your industry and makes it easier for potential clients to remember our name.

With taking inspiration from our namesake, the Leafcutter ant. For a small team, we pack a punch! Where the ant can carry up to fifty times its own body weight, we focus more on shouldering our clients to success, doing the brunt of the heavy lifting so your business can thrive.

We are passionate about supporting New Zealand businesses to thrive and grow. We support our clients in maximising your business opportunities. For everything from Administration and Bookkeeping, Communications and Marketing, Health & Safety and Human Resources, we are here to make your life easier. We love to see our clients work smarter, increase revenue, and gain more time to focus on their clientele.

Our reflections on choosing a business name:

  • Consider the message, values, and identity you want to convey

  • Ensure the name aligns well with your business's goals, values, and target audience

  • Research potential trademark conflicts and domain availability

  • Think broadly especially if you are wanting to diversify

  • Seek feedback from your wider network

  • Own your story (title) and your story (vision/mission)

Leafcutter Business Support logo

Leafcutter Business Support logo


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