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Why your employee agreements need to be in place and up to date

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As of the 6 May 2019 changes to the Employment Relations Amendment Act, 2018 come into effect. The Act restores protections for employees, especially vulnerable employees, and strengthens the role of collective bargaining in the workplace.

What you need to do: You’ll need to take the following actions to get up to date with the most recent amendments.

  • If you have employees, make sure you give them at least the minimum rest and meal breaks.

  • If you have 20 or more employees, don’t include the clause about the 90-day trial period on your new employees’ employment agreements.

  • If you’re taking over a new business in specified ‘vulnerable industries,' you’ll need to allow existing employees to transfer the current terms and conditions in their employment agreement.

  • If your business is operating under collective employment agreements, pay rates will need to be included, and for the first 30 days, new employees must be employed under terms consistent with the collective agreement.

Get more detail on the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 - Employment New Zealand.

Did you know? Under a recent law change, failure to provide written employment agreements will bring a $1000 infringement fee.

We are here to help: at Leafcutter Business Support we provide affordable one-off, casual, or permanent part-time services in Human Resources including:

  • Contracts, Policies & Procedures

  • Recruitment

  • Disciplinary Process

  • Performance Reviews

  • Exit Reviews

  • Advice and much more...

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