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Your go-to agency
providing tailored business support solutions

What We Do

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Leafcutter Business Administration Support Image by Joanna Kosinska


We love to help businesses find solutions to working smarter so that you can focus on your clients and growing your business. Consider us the personal assistants you’ve always wished for and allow us to take care of all your administrative needs.

Leafcutter Bookkeeping Support Services


We assist small to medium sized New Zealand businesses with a wide array of accurate and reliable bookkeeping services. From payroll, GST returns, EOY, we are Xero certified and also offer training. We can work with your accountant or offer support from our preferred accountant. 

Leafcutter HR & Recruitment


From new staff recruitment, employment agreements, policies and procedures, employee handbooks to exit interviews, our team can help assist with all your HR and recruitment needs. We love to help businesses build and maintain positive workplace relationships.

Leafcutter Marketing Support


Marketing your business can be critical in making it a success, but it’s often daunting knowing where to start. With so many facets of marketing to consider – from creating your brand to building awareness – let our expert team guide you through your exciting marketing journey. 

Leafcutter Communications Support Image by Jon Tyson


Every business needs effective communication to succeed. We can help by first getting to know who your stakeholders, customers or community are and then by helping you to reach out and deliver the kind of content and information they want.

Funding and Grants Image by Stoica Ionela


Applying for funding and grants requires a lot of research, excellent writing skills and a good dollop of experience to ensure you are meeting the specific funding application requirements. Happily, our team ticks all those boxes, and we’d love to assist with all your funding applications. 


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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by repetitive tasks that drain your time and energy?


Our handy checklist for all our business support services, is here to revolutionise the way you work and bring clarity to your business goals.


We share with you our secret sauce!

We support ambitious New Zealand businesses to thrive.


It's more than creating a solution, it's about forming a partnership, exceeding expectations, and delivering value at lightening speed.

We specialise in providing our services in the following industries. 

Not For Profit

Not For Profit

Professional Services Christchurch

Professional Services

Hospitality & Retail Christchurch

Hospitality & Retail

Trade Wanaka

Agriculture, Construction & Trade



We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service - every single time.

Leafcutter Ant team

Our team is highly talented and highly experienced. They're experts in their own fields, but united by a shared passion for creating outstanding results for our clients. 

We take our inspiration from our namesake, the Leafcutter ant. For a small team, we pack a punch! Where the ant can carry up to fifty times its own body weight, we focus more on shouldering our clients to success, doing the brunt of the heavy lifting so your business can thrive.

We are passionate about supporting New Zealand businesses to thrive and grow. We support you in maximising your business opportunities. For everything from Administration and Bookkeeping, Communications and Marketing, Health & Safety and Human Resources, we are here to make your life easier. We love to see you work smarter, increase revenue, and gain more time to focus on your clientele.


Danielle Wintsone

Danielle Winston 
Founder & Director

"Leafcutter is brilliant!

So easy to work with. 

Prompt, effective, and accurate." 

Kelsey Powell

Kelsey Powell

CEO & Founder

The Kiwi Kit Community Trust

"If you're looking for support as a new or well-established organisation, using Leafcutter would be the wisest decision you could make! Rest assured Claire and her team will look after you and treat you like you're their #1 client."

John-Jo Ritson Flashworks Media

John-Jo Ritson
Producer & Director
Flashworks Media

"Leafcutter suggested new ideas that helped improve the efficiency and smooth running of the business. A great asset to the team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Leafcutter for anything you need."

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