Running a business always means paperwork, meetings, and to-do lists. Leafcutter Business Support’s team can help with all your general business admin needs. Leafcutter love to help businesses find solutions to working smarter so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

We can help as a personal assistant, sorting emails, calendar management, writing up manuals, finding solutions to being more efficient, using technology, or setting up a appointment or reservation systems.

Leafcutter Business Support’s team of Paula Mitchell and Ash Cowper offer general administration skills to help your business thrive. Ash brings an extensive background in administration and operations. Paula offers strong experience in streamlining business admin. Both offer strong solutions in business efficiency and organisational skills.


Leafcutter offers the following Business Administration services:

General Administration

Time is money and creating efficient solutions will save you time, money, and your sanity! Leafcutter’s team can find solutions for repetitive tasks using automations and technology. We can help with document and CRM management. Or write up your individual easy-to-follow instructions so you can delegate this work to another person (or outsource).


Executive Assistance Service

Leafcutter’s Business Admin team can complete your travel bookings, manage expenses, or general office tasks. We could be your personal assistant, sort your emails, reply on your behalf, or manage your calendar. We can help you get control and keep on top of your work/life balance.

Appointments, Reservations & Booking Systems

Booking, appointment and reservation systems can be huge timesavers. We can match you with the best system to suit your needs, including very cost-efficient solutions. Leafcutter’s Business Admin team can help with setting up these systems, including integrations with your website too.

Microsoft Office Suite

Leafcutter’s Business Administration team can offer an extensive variety of Microsoft Office tools to make your business more efficient and professional. From creating templates, general word processing work, transcribing from meetings, working on Excel Spreadsheets, creating Forms, proofreading documents, editing, and creating presentations. 

Thank you Leafcutter for your prompt, professional service. You made it too easy for me!

Sue Barltrop, Villa South Pacific


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