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Marketing your business can be critical in making it a success.


There’s many facets in marketing - creating your brand, communicating your offering, building awareness, providing a seamless purchase process, creating trust in the social and online space, analytics, and much more. Digital marketing and the associated technology is also an ever changing environment and is often daunting to start.

Leafcutter Business Support’s marketing specialists team offer a varied marketing background – with strong marketing experience. 

Leafcutter offers the following Marketing services:

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Your marketing strategy is a key element to ensuring you focus on the right target markets and obtain a return on your time and financial investment. We can complete a full marketing strategy, including SWOT analysis, target markets, competitor review, marketing plan and tactics.


Your brand is more than simply your logo, it includes your brand personality, brand voice, imagery, fonts, etc. Leafcutter Business Support can help with reviewing your existing branding or creating a new brand from scratch.

Marketing Collateral

We can help with all sales and marketing collateral to ensure your brand and offering is clearly communicated. This could include traditional items like business cards, and signage, through to online collateral – to ensure a consistent message across all mediums.

Website Development & Maintenance

We can help with your website architecture, wireframes, build, development, user experience, content, usability testing, responsive design, e-commerce, online payments, site speed and ongoing maintenance – for basic websites to complex integrations.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can help with Search Engine Optimisation for your website to improve the quality and quantity of organic visitors to your business website. There’s many facets to SEO, from keyword research, compelling content, page speed, tags, etc, primarily for Google rankings.

Social Media & Content

Leafcutter’s team can help with your business Social Media Strategy to make sure you are using the right channels to match your target market. We can help with social media set up, content strategy, content creation and a calendar too.


We can help with both traditional advertising (print, radio, television, outdoor and other advertising), digital advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.) and social media advertising. All with keeping it cost effective and a good return on investment.

Market Research

Collecting information from your new and existing customers is vital in marketing. Leafcutter Business Support’s team can help with customer feedback tools – from market research (including setting up surveys in Survey Monkey) to Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Marketing Consulting

There’s many other marketing tools that we can offer at Leafcutter: Google Analytics, Customer Journey Mapping,  buyer personas, User behaviour tools (Hotjar, Crazy Egg), A/B testing, copy writing and more. Just get in touch with your marketing needs and we'll help you.


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