Funding & Grants

Applying for funding and grants requires skill and experience, ensuring you are meeting the specific funding application requirements.

The Leafcutter team can assist with all your funding applications for community groups, grants for schools, charitable trusts, and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations. We can also assist with suggesting which Charitable Trusts to apply for funding.

We have extensive experience in writing applications for grants, fundraising and sponsorship requests. We have successfully secured funding for:

Community - Schools & Learning - Sporting & Recreation - Arts & Culture - Environment & Heritage

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Sustainable Funding Plans

We can assist with creating and developing a sustainable funding plan for your organisation, school, or community group. A sustainable funding plan means you can secure funds on an ongoing basis.

Business Funding

Leafcutter can help new businesses, innovators, startups, entrepreneurs and businesses wishing to grow with grant applications, advice and general assistance.


Leafcutter can help you with fundraising – from planning, ideas to execution to ensure you raise those vital funds to assist your community group, non-profit organisation, school or project.

Leafcutter Business Support has been absolutely amazing to work with. So knowledgable, helpful, down to earth and heartfelt in their approach to helping us out. They achieved great success for us with getting grants for our project. Highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

Jasmine Quigan - Queenstown Preschool & Nursery

Grant Writing

Grant funds are typically given for a specific purpose, project or cost.

Leafcutter can assist you with completing the writing of grant applications – for community to government grants.

Business & Strategic Plans

Leafcutter’s team can help with writing business and strategic plans for your funding or grant applications. We have successfully helped a wide variety of non-profit organisations, schools, sports and community groups.

Templates, Project Plans & Budgets

We can assist you with creating templates, project plans, and budgets for your funding and grant applications - to help speed up the process and efficiencies.

Accountability Reporting

Securing grant funding may require providing accountability reporting,, from who benefited from the grant, expenditure or success stories. Let Leafcutter’s team assist you with providing this to secure future funding.


Sponsorship by businesses is a great way to raise funds for your community group. Leafcutter can help with sponsorship contracts, arrangements, and sponsorship packages that meet the needs of businesses’ exposure expectations.

Funds & Grants Consulting

Leafcutter can provide outsourced consulting on all areas of funds and grants. Including planning for funding, grant writing, applications for funding, and sponsorship.

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