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Funding & Grants

Applying for funding and grants requires skill and experience, ensuring you are meeting the specific funding application requirements.

The Leafcutter team can assist with all your funding applications for community groups, grants for schools, charitable trusts, and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations. We can also assist with suggesting which Charitable Trusts to apply for funding.

We have extensive experience in writing applications for grants, fundraising and sponsorship requests. We have successfully secured funding for:

Community Groups, Charitable Trusts, Schools & Learning Centres, Clubs, Regional & National Organisations and Not For Profit.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Sustainable Funding Plans

We can assist with creating and developing a sustainable funding plan for your organisation, school, or community group. A sustainable funding plan means you can secure funds on an ongoing basis.

Grant Writing

Grant funds are typically given for a specific purpose, project or cost.

Leafcutter can assist you with the writing of grant applications – from community to government grants.

Templates, Project Plans & Budgets

We can assist you with creating templates, project plans, and budgets for your funding and grant applications - to help speed up the process and efficiencies.

Review Existing Documentation

Leafcutter can review and expand your existing policies, contracts, and funding applications to ensure best practice. 

Accountability Reporting

Securing grant funding usually requires accountability measures including outcomes, expenditure, and success stories. Let Leafcutter assist you with providing this to ensure ongoing future funding.


Sponsorship by businesses is a great way to raise funds for your community group. Leafcutter can help with sponsorship contracts and packages that meet the needs of businesses’ exposure expectations.


Leafcutter can help you with planning, and implementing ideas that will ensure you raise those vital funds to assist your community group, non-profit organisation, school or project.

Business Funding

Leafcutter can help new businesses, innovators, startups, entrepreneurs and businesses wishing to expand with grant applications, advice and general assistance.

Kelsey Powell.jpg
Mt Aspiring College

Nicola Jacobson


Mount Aspiring College

"Leafcutter was incredibly helpful, and took all the stress out of the process of applying for grants. Communication was great, and critique of my initial application helped to sharpen the focus of the grant application in order to achieve a great result."

Kelsey Powell Queenstown

Kelsey Powell

CEO & Founder

The Kiwi Kit Community Trust

"The Leafcutter team are diligent, organised, and detail-oriented, which really aids our grassroots team who is trying to juggle multiple balls to become better established in the community. Leafcutter has helped put us on the map, which is invaluable for a new organisation and we are forever grateful for that" 

Queenstown Pre School

Jasmin Singer

Centre Manager

Queenstown Pre-School

"Leafcutter has been absolutely amazing to work with. So knowledgable, helpful, down to earth and heartfelt in their approach to helping us out. They achieved great success for us with getting grants for our project. Highly recommend." 


Paul Phillip

Fundamentals Manager

NZ Snowsports Instructors Alliance

"Amazing in their abilities to secure funding. From detailed reporting to the in depth research that was carried out, we knew exactly what was going on and what was required of us to achieve successful outcomes" 


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