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Human Resources & Recruitment

Keeping on top of human resources when running a small business can take time and energy.


Leafcutter Business Support can help with all your HR and recruitment needs. From new staff recruitment, employment agreements, policies and procedures, employee handbooks to exit interviews. We love to help businesses build and maintain positive workplace relationships.

Leafcutter Business Support’s team are HR and Recruitment specialists. Qualified and with many years’ experience, our team is the perfect HR consulting solution for your small business. We are also a member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

Leafcutter Business Support offers a variety of Human Resources and Recruitment solutions:

Employment Agreements

Leafcutter Business Support can assist you with developing employment agreements that meet your business needs as well as meeting your legal employment obligations. We can help with various agreements; Permanent, fixed term, casual, or contract basis. All signed before the employee begins working for your business.


Looking for new staff? We can help with the entire recruitment process, from new job advertisement, selection of potential candidates, job interviews, reference checking, final decision of the right candidate, negotiation, and all the necessary employment contracts. Let Leafcutter Business Support help you with all your recruitment needs.

Position Descriptions

A well written job description can help you attract the most suitable person for the role. It provides very clear expectations, accountabilities 
and responsibilities: including day-to-day tasks, and specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Leafcutter’s inhouse HR advisor Bex can help so you attract the right person for the job and your business.

Employment Policy & Procedures

Employment policies and procedures can include an extensive range of areas – from H&S, absence from work, IT usage, privacy, training and development, flexible working, managing performance issues, etc. We can help develop your employment policies and procedures to meet your legal obligations and to suit your business.

Employee Induction Programme

An employee induction programme (also known as onboarding) is vital for new staff. A good induction should include Health & Safety requirements as well as information about your business, their role, responsibilities, and benefits. We can help with a programme to help new staff feel a part of your business. 

Contracts & Non-Disclosure Agreements

Leafcutter Business Support can provide business related contracts (contract for service, invoice payment terms, restraint of trade, etc) as well as confidentiality agreements (also referred to as non-disclosure agreement or NDA). Our HR advisor can also help with other contracts including variations to employment agreements, resignation, and termination.

Employee Handbooks

To help with onboarding new staff, a customised employee handbook is a great way to provide information on your business’s culture & values as well as rights and obligations related to employment. Leafcutter’s HR specialist can help with creating the perfect handbook for your small business.

Disciplinary Process

Handling the disciplinary process can be a challenge for a small business. Leafcutter Business Support HR can help guide you through the process to find a resolution as well as ensuring you meet the necessary legal requirements.

HR Code of Conduct

Your business's code of conduct should clearly outline the conduct expected of your team – including your business’s values/ principles and the desired behaviour of staff. Leafcutter Business Support's HR advisor can help you with this and provide a code of conduct to suit your business.

Performance Reviews

Leafcutter’s inhouse HR consultant can help you with performance reviews, renumeration reviews, assist with how to best give feedback to your staff and managing poor performers.  Let Leafcutter Business Support help you get the best out of your team.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can help to identify areas that your business needs to work on to help retain staff and reduce turnover. Leafcutter Business Support can help with creating exit interview questions, creating templates, and conducting interviews.

Human Resources Consulting

Looking for a small business HR consultant? Our inhouse HR advisor Bexs is the perfect outsourcing solution. We can help with any employment issue, from one-off or ongoing support for any HR and recruitment needs.

Employment Health & Safety

Leafcutter HR specialist can help facilitate an employee safe work culture for small businesses, with the development of safe work policies and procedures. Ensuring H&S systems support safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

Nathan White Otago Event Planning

Nathan White

Founder & CEO

Wānaka Wine & Food Festival

"Leafcutter has been very helpful in supporting my new business by providing HR services without me needing to hire a full-time staff member" 

Sue Barltrop Pacific Villa Wanaka

Sue Barltrop


Pacific Villa Wānaka

"I would definitely recommend Leafcutter. Great communication, everything was made easy."

Albertine Wanaka

Avrill Robson


Albertine Wānaka

"My support from Leafcutter has been extremely efficient and supportive. The timing being excellent, as I setting up a small business, in its initial stages."


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