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Effective communication is all about understanding your audience and enabling two-way conversation with your stakeholders. By first getting to know who your customers or community are, we will help you to reach out and deliver the kind of content and information that really speaks to your audience.


Leafcutter Business Support’s communication team are experts in the art of story-telling to build brands and deepen connections between businesses and clients.


Leafcutter offers the following Communication services:

Copy Writing

Copy writing is a well-honed skill, requiring written communication to be engaging, accurate, on brand, on point and authentic. Leafcutter’s Communication experts can help with the copy writing for newsletters, website copy, recruitment advertisements, blogs, articles, annual reports and more.

Proof Reading & Editing

Need some ‘eagle’ eyes to check over your written work? Leafcutter’s inhouse proof reader team can check for spelling, typos, grammatical errors or inconsistencies in your text. They will check you’ve crossed all the right ‘t’s and dotted all of the ‘i’s.

Media Relations

Writing press releases, new staff appointments and editorials can be time consuming and hard to master, so let our Leafcutter Business Support team help you. Plus there’s the media relations side where we can help you send your news to the appropriate contacts.

Communications Planning

Do you have an important message to communicate, but are not sure how to go about it? We can help you fine-tune your messaging for your internal and external stakeholder groups and identify the best ways to reach them. 

Grant Perry

Grant Perry

Co Owner

Homes & Acreage

"My experience with Leafcutter Business Support was outstanding. They understood what I needed and made it happen. I would highly recommend this team"

Beach House

Client Testimonial

"Leafcutter did an amazing job. I only wished I’d found them about two weeks before I rang as I was really struggling to write anything. Sharon made me and the business sound amazing.

Thank you."

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