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Grant Funding | Where to start

Do you have funding application status, and looking for money, but don’t know where to

go or who to ask?

There are literally hundreds of funders out there nationwide who have money and are looking to invest back in to the community where the funds were raised. Here are some tips to link your organisation with likely funders.

1. Do you have funding application status? State funded education providers, local authorities, incorporated societies, charitable trusts, unincorporated bodies, not-for-profit organisations and clubs.

2. Identify what you need funding for. Equipment, wages, travel, volunteer support, project coordinator costs, buildings, clubrooms, maintenance, training, coaching, educational resources, events, theatrical performances, workshops, educational programmes and resources. The list is extensive.

3. Do your research. Search on the Generosity NZ database. The easiest way is to visit your local library, as it’s free! GiveUs lists more than 1,200 resource schemes for communities, volunteer organisations, and clubs.

4. Jump back online. Now you have a list, check out the prospective funders website. Note the opening and closing date, as well as making sure that you match their criteria of ‘authorised purposes’.

5. Build a relationship. Call the grant manager and talk through your project. Be clear and concise. They will answer any questions you may have, as well as give possible recommendations to improve your application in order to achieve the best possible result.

6. Complete the application. Make sure you include all the required documents, answer all the questions, and make sure your budget is on point.

Don’t have the time, or feeling overwhelmed with the application? Contact us today. We specialise in grant writing, and with our experience, we will pitch your project in the best light to maximize your funding opportunity.


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