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Hiring for potential – why it's more important now than ever before!

Covid – 19 has altered the job market significantly for the foreseeable

future. This is highlighted in low unemployment rates, large numbers of job adverts, and low numbers of qualified candidates applying for roles. The ability to bring in skilled services from overseas has been drastically reduced.

So, where do we go from here?

It's time to make the shift, look beyond the CV, and commit to hiring for attitude and training for skills required. The emphasis is on personal attributes and consideration of individual traits (soft skills) that a person needs to make a great fit with your organisation. Current research suggests that this will be the vital key to unlocking the ability of your business to build and maintain a modern workforce.

This means seeking out candidates who might display a desire for lifelong learning and continuous improvement, resilience, teamwork and collaboration skills, a growth mindset, ability to adapt, self-motivation, and emotional intelligence, etc.

It's time to face up to the fact that maybe direct experience is overrated! That this can lead to inflexibility toward change, an attitude of knowing all, and a stagnant culture. Without past experiences, new employees can approach challenges with a fresh outlook, often demonstrating a greater willingness to adopt a new approach, improve efficiencies, collaborate to reach better solutions to problems, and ultimately acquire superior results. Why wouldn't you want this for your business?

If you're looking for your next potential superstar, Leafcutter can support you in developing a recruitment process that prioritises finding the right applicants; individuals who display the soft skills necessary for your business with an attitude that reflects the vision and values of your company.

Industry-wide talent shortages are impacting the ability of organisations to scale their operations. The traditional approaches to assessing talent are no longer relevant. Assessing candidate potential is the new frontier in future proofing your workforce.

Photo: Austin Distel - Unsplash


Written by: Rebecca (Bexs) Waterhouse, Leafcutter HR & Recruitment Specialist

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